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a.c.e. therapies In Palos Heights, IL

Discover the a.c.e. difference in behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and more at our Palos Heights location. Our center-based approach offers a team of trained experts who will individualize a plan of care, based on the strengths and needs of children and young adults with autism and other diagnoses. Our multidisciplinary therapy center, in Palos Heights, offers a safe and nurturing environment.

Since a.c.e. is owned and operated by a family impacted by the complex needs of an individual with a disability. We understand the importance of acknowledging each child’s uniqueness. That is why we pride ourselves on customizing treatment plans to ensure your child develops newly learned skills which will foster independence.

We specialize in:


Assessment, IEP prep, social and skill development and more.

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Behavioral Issues/A.D.H.D.

Peer conflict, social skills, behavioral modification and more.

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Motor skills, physical development.

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Speech & Language Therapy

Articulation, expressive language, motor speech disorders and more.

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Occupational Therapy

Balance, bilateral coordination, visual and fine motor skills, handwriting and more.

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Is ABA Therapy Effective?

Over the years many people have questioned how effective ABA therapy can really be, and our experts in Palos Heights are here to tell you that the benefits of ABA therapy are massive. Individuals with autism who consistently engage in ABA therapy show an increase in communicational skills, academics, and language skills; however, the most important thing is also the slow-down or stoppage of unwanted or discouraged behavior. Our team at a.c.e. Therapies works hard to make sure our treatments are not only effective but also fun for the individual as therapy should be a relaxing yet educational experience, and if you are interested in one of our customized therapy sessions made directly for each client then you should contact our behavioral therapy experts in Palos Heights for more information