Behavior Issues

Your Child Can ace it.
Special Services for Children with Behavioral Issues/A.D.H.D.

Using the scientifically-proven A.B.A. method, a.c.e. Therapies helps children dealing with behavior issues or A.D.H.D. achieve daily life skills that positively impact their lives. Your family’s lives.

In-clinic and at-home care.

We accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Health, Cigna, Aetna and Tri-Care insurance plans.

COVID UPDATE: We are a state-approved, essential business and we take careful precautions to ensure the safety of your child.

Autism Childhood Education Center

We Come to You.

We offer in-home services to avoid disrupting your child. We believe to create change and build skill sets, we need to operate in the natural environment of the child.  a.c.e. is not part of a corporation. We’re independently owned and operated. We become part of your family because it’s a journey we all take together.

We also offer in-clinic services in Lockport, Merrionette Park with Palos Heights coming soon.

What Can Your Child Achieve?

At a.c.e. Therapies, our trained specialists can create a customized, goal-oriented program for your child. Your child is unique and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.  Using scientifically proven A.B.A. principles, we can help your child, teenager or young adult achieve many skills. Learn more below by age group:

Toddler Behavioral Therapy

Little Acers
Children Aged 3-6

  • Anger Management
  • Listening skills
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Anxiety
  • Process feelings
  • Throwing, hitting
  • Communication
  • Handle peer conflict
  • Sharing
  • Playing Skills
behavioral therapy for teen

Development Ages 6+ to Young Adult

  • Anger management
  • Anxiety/coping mechanisms
  • Tolerance to change and waiting
  • Social cues, use of appropriate humor
  • Peer conflict
  • Listening skills/how to respond to questions
  • Digital communication: proper texting, email and appropriate social media engagement

Why a.c.e. Therapies?

  • Independently owned and operated. We’re not a corporation which means we pay attention to the little things.
  • We come to you. We are a full-service center that offers in-home care so children can learn in their own natural environments.
  • Our experienced and trained specialists in A.B.A. will create a customized, goal-oriented program for your child.

How We Work

  • CONFIDENTIAL FREE CONSULTATION: Talk over the phone or via email – whatever works best for you. Explore health insurance and program options.
  • ASSESSMENT: Assess child and their custom needs
  • PLANNING: Create a roadmap and a goal-oriented plan addressing little and big needs like social skills or specific skill development.
  • IN-HOME VISIT: Visit your home and meet your family and get to know your child’s environment. Or in-clinic orientation.

a.c.e. Therapies also offers parents special education help:

  • IEP Assessments
  • Reviewing records
  • Student observations in-class
  • Assistance with the overall special education process
  • Positive Parenting Lessons